Why Us



Good question! We realize that you have choices when purchasing an our product... so why us? Here are just a few of the things that make us uniquely different from our competition:

#1 Our Commitment to Personalized Service
Not only will we answer your product questions before your purchase, we will take care of you after the sale. From technical specifications to delivery questions, help with installation, to damage, to warranty or return coordination, we are willing and responsive.

#2 Expert Advice
This is important! Our staff knows what they are offering and will offer friendly, informed answers to your questions. From general information about product, to specification issues, to product comparisons, do not be afraid to challenge us. If we do not immediately know the answer to your question, we will research it and respond quickly.

#3 Our Authorized Distributor Status
There are a number of unauthorized dealers of our products, which means they do not have a direct relationship with each manufacturer (they get product through a 3rd party), are not endorsed, do not stock product and can not guarantee that warranty and service issues will handled quickly.

#4 Fulfilling customer requirements
providing customers' needs more accurately with better quality and faster delivery to get their satisfaction.

#5 Competitive Prices
If the first four reasons don’t get you, our prices will! We offer quality product at prices that are extremely competitive with other authorized sellers.

#6 Satisfaction Guarantee
Last but not least, is our guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase or we will accept your return in saleable condition in original packaging without question. Just pay return shipping. I hope that you will give us the opportunity to impress you. I think you will find that we try harder, care about what we do, and more clearly understand our products than our competition.

Have a question? Do not hesitate to call +91-9818596585 or email  cosmostat@gmail.com
We will respond to your requests within 24 hours.