CVT (Constant Voltage Transformer)

(CVT capacity up to 10 KVA)

Constant Voltage Transformer

COSMOSTAT Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) has been designed specially for sophisticated Electronic and Electrical Equipments, which need a constant voltage with a very fast speed of correction


  • Input Voltage 180-260V, AC, Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Output Voltage            230V (other ranges on request)
  • Response Time            Within 3 Cycles
  • Load Regulation            + 2 %
  • Frequency  50 Hz
  • Efficiency            Approx 90%
  • Harmonic Content            Less than 4%
  • Overload/short circuit   Voltage starts dropping after rating load
  • Protection            Short Circuit current less than 200% of rated current
  • Insulation Resistance            Greater than 500M Ohms
  • Wave form            Sine Wave



  • Ferrow Resonant Technology
  • Magnetic transformer with special construction
  • Provided with a capacitor connected across the secondary winding of the transformer
  • A separate shunt path is provided between the two windings for setting up the field between coils
  • Ensure a spike-free and controlled voltage output
  • Instant voltage regulation
  • Fast correction speed
  • There is no Semi Conductor or moving part
  • Noise proof operation
  • Less maintenance required