Single Phase Servo Stabilizer

(capacity 5 KVA - 5000 KVA)

Single Phase Servo Stabilizer

A small investment that saves your equipment. Saves power and buys you peace of mind.

Installing a servo stabilizer at the incomer at home safeguards your entire home from vagaries of power. You can remove the not so reliable relay stabilizers fitted to you TV, Fridge or the AC and all your kitchen gadgets like your microwave or induction oven and any other kitchen equipment, with its voltage cutoff function and very steady voltage you can protect for electrical gadgets from high voltage or low voltage. With your gadgets working efficiently you can save on energy bills.

Special Features: -

  • Constant output of 210V + /_1% accuracy 
  • Latest Microprocessor Based Circuit 
  • Wide Input Range 
  • High & Low Cutoff Feature 
  • 100% Copper Wound 
  • Relay Free Operation 
  • Noise Free, Smooth Operation 
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Functions of a Servo Stabilizer:

  • Increases useful life of equipment's. 
  • Reduces malfunctions rate of equipment's.
  •  Maintains a stabilized power supply. 
  • Attenuates noise, interference and lightning. 
  • Protects against under-voltages and over-voltage of the mains. 
  • Operates in cases of overloading and overheating. 
  • Signals events from the mains.