Quality policy

We aims to provide consumers with the highest quality products by assuring their performance, consistency, safety and value.

Cosmostat Power Equipments is committed to enhancing its customers' success with products, services and responsiveness that set standards for quality and value. We relentlessly strive to be the best in every aspect of our business, by fostering a culture of trust, teamwork, responsibility, high expectations and open communications with employees, customers and suppliers.

The employees of Cosmostat Power Equipments share a common goal to not only meet, but to exceed our customer's expectations of quality in the services we perform, through a process of continual improvement. The Quality of everything we make and do brings value to our customers and justifies their decision to do business with us.

We recognize that this quality will be achieved by:
Our pledge to conduct our business in an ethical manner to sustain and enhance our supplier and customer relationships.

Establishing an environment that is conducive to performance excellence.

Continuously strive to improve our services and processes.

A total quality management approach where every employee, supplier and customer is an essential component.

The objective and expectation is for our customers to have full confidence in Cosmostat Power Equipments. Their satisfaction is fundamental to our long-term success. This will come from the efforts of each employee in conjunction with supportive participation from all levels of management. Cosmostat Power Equipments, as a company, is committed to the above philosophy and directives.

We are proud of our record of always delivering on time and budget, and our rigorous quality systems and processes ensure that we continue to deliver on our promises.