Industrial Servo Stabilizer

(capacity 15 KVA - 5000 KVA)

Industrial Servo Stabilizer

These stabilizers are designed to work in a dusty environment and inherently have short term overload capacity. The stabilizers need not be overrated for short term overload conditions.

Following the quality parameters, we are engaged in providing wide assortment of Industrial Automatic Stabilizer. Whenever the voltage level fluctuates this Automatic Stabilizer automatically handles it. We offer reliable and technically advanced product to our customers. This Automatic Stabilizer is used in various electronics industry, electrical and many more industries.

Features: -

  • High energy efficiency 
  • Low pressure mould safety 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Optimal performance. 
  • Balances the unbalanced load supplies. 
  • Electric current leakage proof. 
  • Uninterrupted voltage control.

Functions of a Servo Stabilizer:

  • Increases useful life of equipment's. 
  • Reduces malfunctions rate of equipment's.
  • Maintains a stabilized power supply. 
  • Attenuates noise, interference and lightning. 
  • Protects against under-voltages and over-voltage of the mains. 
  • Operates in cases of overloading and overheating. 
  • Signals events from the mains.