Distribution Transformer

A distribution transformer efficiently delivers electrical power, stepping down voltage from the grid to a safer level for residential and commercial use.

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Dry Type Transformer

A Dry type transformer is a safe and maintenance-free electrical device, using air for cooling instead of oil, ideal for indoor applications.

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Compact Substation

A compact substation (CSS, PSS, USS) is a small, efficient power distribution unit that transforms voltage levels, ensuring reliable electricity supply.

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Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The Servo voltage stabilizer ensures stable power supply, correcting voltage fluctuations (±1% range) instantly. Protects sensitive equipment.

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We are a world class manufacturer and exporter of Power Conditioning Solutions providing the best quality products and services to our customers.

We customize Transformer & Servo stabilizer as per customer requirments.

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Top-notch Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufacturer in India, offering cutting-edge solutions for stable power supply. Trusted and reliable choice.